N2 (520), 2021 - [PDF]

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    Agricultural and Biological Sciences

    UDC 663.3
    SCOPUS CODE 1101
    Marine Demetrashvili, Mariam Khomasuridze, Guram Tkemaladze. Prospects for the Production of Aromatized Wines Enriched with Biologically Active Compounds.
    11-28 PDF
    UDC 634.8
    SCOPUS CODE 1101
    Shengeli Kikilashvili. Local Names of Wild Grapevine in Georgia and Its Ethnobotanical Use
    29-37 PDF
    UDC 637
    SCOPUS CODE 1103
    Tea Zhgenti, Vasil Ghlighvashvili. Comparison of Physiological and Biological Data of European Goats Adapted in Georgia with Standard Breed Data
    38-48 PDF
    UDC 542.61
    SCOPUS CODE 1106
    Nino Gamkrelidze, Giorgi Kvartskava. The Influence of the Extraction Conditions of Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) Fruits and Leaves on the Yield of Phenolic Compounds
    49-56 PDF
    Business, Management and Accounting

    UDC 339.15
    SCOPUS CODE 1401
    Bidzina Grigalashvili. Understanding the Essence of the Accrual Method According to the International Standards
    57-55 PDF
    UDC 330.1
    SCOPUS CODE 1403
    Ramaz Otinashvili. Security in Company Management.
    67-75 PDF
    UDC 658.5
    SCOPUS CODE 1405
    Manana Maghradze, Liana Tsimakuridze. Effective Management of the Supply Chain With Modern Technologies
    76-84 PDF
    UDC 659.4
    SCOPUS CODE 1405
    Manana Maghradze, Ketevan Kutateladze, Ketevan Burduladze. Marketing Development Strategies in the Medical Field
    85-94 PDF
    Chemical Engineering

    UDC 543.3; 553.6
    SCOPUS CODE 1502
    Tamar Nasuashvili, Marlen Mchedlishvili. Investigation of Azambur Mirabilite Deposit and Lake Water to Obtain Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate
    95-105 PDF
    Computer Science

    UDC 62-52
    SCOPUS CODE 1701
    Badri Gvasalia, Tamuna Kvachadze, Korneli Odisharia. Selecting the Proportional-Integral (PI) Regulator Parameters from the Condition of Maximum Permissible Deviation in Leap Impacts on the System
    106-113 PDF
    Earth and Planetary Sciences

    UDC 627.11:627.81
    SCOPUS CODE 1901
    Karlo Kopaliani, Zurab Kvetenadze. 2007 Munich Conference and Contours of the New World Order
    114-126 PDF
    UDC 615.327
    SCOPUS CODE 1907
    Marine Mardashova, Tamar Miqava. General Description of Hydrogen Sulfide Mineral Waters
    on the Left Bank of the Alazani River
    127-141 PDF
    UDC 663.64
    SCOPUS CODE 1907
    Marine Mardashova, Tinatin Dzadzamia, Tamar Miqava. Geochemical Conditions of the Origin
    of Hydrogen Sulfide Mineral Waters on the Left Bank of the Alazani River
    142-163 PDF

    UDC 621.31-21
    SCOPUS CODE 2102
    Temur Mikaishvili, Nino Chagmelashvili. New Unloading Possibilities of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Generating Units
    164-171 PDF

    UDC 623.93
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Zezva Naveriani. Military Bridges and Their Usage in Emergency (Natural Disasters) Situations
    172-178 PDF
    UDC 623.93
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Zezva Naveriani, Irakli Buishvili. Military Science Priorities in Georgia (Military Engineering Organization)
    179-187 PDF
    UDC 622.691.4
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Shota Mestvirishvili, Irina Denisova, Giorgi Chaghiashvili. Gas Supply of Multi-Storey Building
    188-193 PDF
    Environmental Science

    UDC 553.981
    SCOPUS CODE 2301
    Shota Mestvirishvili, Irina Denisova, Alexsandre Babunashvili. Release of Gases in the Seas and Oceans
    194-201 PDF

    UDC 517
    SCOPUS CODE 2610
    Maia Kharashvili, Ketevan Skhvitaridze. Problem of Statics of the Linear Thermoelasticity of the Microstretch Materials with Microtemperatures for a Half-space
    202-219 PDF

    UDC 636.082.474
    SCOPUS CODE 2710
    Giorgi Andriadze, Zviad Gurtskaia. Improvement of Temperature Precision in Embryo-Incubator Chamber by Reducing Fluctuations
    220-231 PDF
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