N3 (521), 2021 - [PDF]

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    Agricultural and Biological Sciences

    UDC 517
    SCOPUS CODE 1101
    David Tavkhelidze, Zurab Mchedlishvili, Omar Tedoradze. Calculation of Vineyard Hail Protection Device
    11-20 PDF
    Business, management and accounting

    UDC 005.3
    SCOPUS CODE 1401
    Nato Katamadze, Marine Berdzenadze. Mobbing as an Impediment to Effective Governance in Public Institutions
    21-29 PDF
    UDC 657.1
    SCOPUS CODE 1402
    Bidzina Grigalashvili. Understanding the Essence of the Accrual Method According to the International Standards
    30-39 PDF
    Computer Science

    UDC 351.818
    SCOPUS CODE 1706
    Rusudan Kutateladze, Ana Kobiashvili, Nodar Darchiashvili. Data Pre-Processing Procedures at the Call Center
    40-46 PDF
    Earth and Planetary Sciences

    UDC 550.8
    SCOPUS CODE 1907
    Alexander Tvalchrelidze, Natia Chomakidze. Comparative Analysis of Western and Russian Mineral Reserve Classifications
    47-58 PDF

    UDC 620.9
    SCOPUS CODE 2101
    Maka Jishkariani. Criteria for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transport
    59-68 PDF
    UDC 621.313.13
    SCOPUS CODE 2102
    Nana Beradze, Oleg Khachapuridze. Dynamic Characteristics of a Multimotor Electric Motor Multichannel Control System, Taking Into Account the Elasticities of Mechanical Transmitters
    69-75 PDF
    UDC 621.311
    SCOPUS CODE 2105
    Shota Nemsadze, Merab Tsetskhladze, Tengiz Maisuradze. Vibro Balancing of Rotating Electric Vehicles
    76-82 PDF

    UDC 546.3-19
    SCOPUS CODE 2201

    Zurab Mchedlishvili, Manana Tavkhelidze. Alloys with Shape Memory and Their Physical and Mechanical Properties
    83-91 PDF
    UDC 621. 891. 621, 6212.822
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Тengiz Chkhaidze, Gabriel Merabishvili, Alexander Metreveli. The Impact of Vibration Operational Reliability of Turning Mechanism of Gantry and Tower Cranes
    92-101 PDF
    UDC 664.8
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Tamaz Isakadze, Givi Gugulashvili. Effect of Cooling Mode on Chiller Energy Efficiency
    102-108 PDF
    UDC 664.8
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Tamaz Isakadze, Givi Gugulashvili. Carbon Dioxide Recuperation Using a Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube for Refrigerated Food Processing
    109-114 PDF
    UDC 656.13.001
    SCOPUS CODE 2203
    Sharifov Allahverdi Jamal oglu. Determining the Impact of Different Factors on the Occurrence of Road Transportation Incidents
    115-122 PDF
    UDC 621.311
    SCOPUS CODE 2208
    Omar Zivzivadze, David Japaridze. Optimal rescheduling of the additional reactive power source selected in a backbone network to a distribution network
    123-129 PDF
    UDC 532.595 : 622.648
    SCOPUS CODE 2210
    Leon Makharadze. Equipment for Damping Hydraulic Shocks in Pressure Hydrotransport Facilities
    130-136 PDF
    Environmental Science

    UDC 502.7
    SCOPUS CODE 2303
    Vera Abzianidze , Dimitri Abzianidze, Zurab Kakulia. Assessing the Ecological Condition of the Environment and Solving the Problems of Ecological Safety Using Mathematical Ecology Methods and Geoinformation System Programs
    137-144 PDF
    UDC 502.7
    SCOPUS CODE 2303
    Rusudan Managadze, Vera Abzianidze, Dimitri Abzianidze. Application of Mathematical Methods in Solving Practical Problems of Environmental Protection
    145-151 PDF
    Social Sciences

    UDC 347.21.3
    SCOPUS CODE 3301
    Miranda Gurgenidze, Tamaz Urtmelidze. The Right of the Employee to an Invention Created in the Process of Labor Relations. (In Accordance With the Georgian - German Patent Legislation)
    152-167 PDF
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