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    Agricultural and Biological Sciences

    UDC 631.417.2
    SCOPUS CODE 1102
    Vladimer Dolidze, Natela Machavariani, Natia Sukhishvili. The Study of the Physiological Activity of Humic Acids Extracted From Peat on a Bean Water Cultures
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    Arts and Humanities

    UDC 712.23
    SCOPUS CODE 1206
    Nugzar Khvedeliani, Ana Ratiani. Ecological and Cultural Goals of Georgian National Parks and Protected Areas
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    Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

    UDC 663.2
    SCOPUS CODE 1303
    Zaza Grigalashvili. Effect of Wine Aging in European and Caucasian Oak Barrels on Chemical Parameters and Organoleptic Characteristics
    30-46 PDF
    UDC 543.3; 553.6.
    SCOPUS CODE 1305
    Tamar Nasuashvili, Leri Gvasalia. Study of the Production of Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate From Salts Deposited at the Bottom of Lake Sakhare by Mathematical Planning of the Experiment
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    Decision Sciences

    UDC 513.72
    SCOPUS CODE 1802
    Sergo Dadunashvili. Economic Field as a Tool of Social Structuration
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    UDC 513.72
    SCOPUS CODE 1802
    Sergo Dadunashvili. Transmission of Information by Non-genetic Mechanisms
    77-96 PDF
    Earth and Planetary Sciences

    UDC 008
    SCOPUS CODE 1901

    Carlo Kopaliani, Iasha (Koka) Kutubidze. The Problem of the Relationship Between Human and Technical Civilization and Their Future Prospects
    97-109 PDF
    UDC 551.49
    SCOPUS CODE 1907
    Anzor Giorgadze. Engineering-geological Conditions of the Upper Stream of the Tekhuri River Gorge
    110-119 PDF
    UDC 550.8
    SCOPUS CODE 1907
    Zurab Varazashvili, Zurab Kakulia, Dali Chutkerashvili. The Study of Loess Rocks Spread on the Territory of Tbilisi and Their Impact on Constructions
    120-128 PDF
    UDC 551.49
    SCOPUS CODE 1909
    Merab Gaprindashvili. Geological Hazards in Tbilisi
    129-150 PDF

    UDC 621.31
    SCOPUS CODE 2101
    David Japaridze, Giga Jojua. Development of an Optimal Econometric Model for Assessing the Financial Sustainability of a Large Electricity Company and its Forecasting Approbation in Georgia
    151-162 PDF
    UDC 621.311
    SCOPUS CODE 2102
    Gela Javakhishvili, Giorgi Jabishvili. The Importance of Energy Storage Systems in Modern Energy Systems
    163-172 PDF

    UDC 532.595: 622.648
    SCOPUS CODE 2210
    Leon Makharadze. Lifting Non-Return Valves and Pipe Fittings for Pressure Main Hydraulic Transport Systems
    173-182 PDF
    UDC 725.75
    SCOPUS CODE 2216
    Maya Davitaia, Nino Barnabishvili. Artistic-decorative Motifs of the Totalitarian Period Sanatoriums and Baths of the Medical-recreational Resort Tskhaltubo in the Context of National Traditions
    183-196 PDF
    UDC 721.054;727
    SCOPUS CODE 2216
    Nino Imnadze, Giorgi Vardosanidze. Symbolic-informational "Architectural Culture" and Its Importance in the Formation of a Tourist Cluster
    197-207 PDF
    UDC 246.80
    SCOPUS CODE 2216
    Nino Khabeishvili, Mariam Tsetskladze. Revilitalization as a Means of Reviving Social Communication Environmental Science
    208-216 PDF
    Environmental Science

    UDC 624.
    SCOPUS CODE 2301
    Tariel Kvitsiani, Liana Kvatskhava. Impact of Underground Waters on the Stability of the Mountain Rock Slope. Depression Surface Equation
    217-230 PDF
    Social Sciences

    UDC 327
    SCOPUS CODE 3311
    Henri Kuprashvili. The Problem of Borders and Georgia’s Security Challenges in the Information Age
    231-235 PDF
    UDC 327
    SCOPUS CODE 3320
    Grigol Giorgadze. Integration of Internally Displaced Persons as a Right
    236-246 PDF
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