N2 (524), 2022 - [PDF]

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    Arts and Humanities

    UDC 001.4
    SCOPUS CODE 1203
    Liana Sutidze. About Some Oversite in Technical Terminology
    9-14 PDF
    Business, Management and Accounting

    UDC 339.15
    SCOPUS CODE 1401
    Nino Chikviladze, Tamari Beridze, Tamari Devidze. Analysis of Compliance with the Requirements of the Labor Market in Georgia
    15-24 PDF
    UDC 657:346.6
    SCOPUS CODE 1401
    Khatuna Kharkhelauri, Tamar Khinikadze -Gvaramia, Sophio Bliadze. Profit Tax Reform Results in Georgia
    25-32 PDF
    Chemical Engineering

    UDC 546.17
    SCOPUS CODE 1501
    Nino Merebashvili. Replacement of Absorbents Used in Ammonia and Cyanic Industries with High-tech Activated Absorbents
    33-38 PDF
    UDC 666.953
    SCOPUS CODE 1508
    Givi Loladze, Rajden Skhvitaridze, Manana Kekelidze. Receipt of Ceramic Wares with Sintered Body (Vitreous China) on the Basis of Duruji River Deposited Silt
    39-43 PDF
    Earth and Planetary Sciences

    UDC 551.51-7
    SCOPUS CODE 1904
    Levan Tsulukidze, Irakli Rostomashvili, Jimsher Kerkadze. Regulation of the Channels of Small Rivers and Their Tributaries Passing Within the City of Tbilisi by Engineering and Environmental Measures on the Example of the Aliskhevi River, a Tributary of the Lochini River
    44-55 PDF
    UDC 551.49
    SCOPUS CODE 1907
    Anzor Giorgadze, Victor Alania, Levan Gorgidze. Structure of the Rioni Foreland Fold-and-thrust Belt: A Review
    56-65 PDF

    UDC 620.9
    SCOPUS CODE 2102
    Giorgi Ghudumidze, David Japaridze. Development and Approbation of an Optimal Econometric Model for Assessing the Efficiency of the Use of Energy Storage Devices in Wind Energy in Georgia
    66-80 PDF
    UDC 621.31-21
    SCOPUS CODE 2102
    Temur Mikiashvili, Omar Kighuradze, Baadur Chkhaidze. Power System Capacity Regulation by Using the Basic Thermal Power Plans
    81-87 PDF
    UDC 622.7
    SCOPUS CODE 2103
    Anzor Abshilava, Demur Talakhadze, Nana Dolidze. Intensification of Coal Fine-Grained Fraction Dehydration Process in Tkibuli Minefield
    88-95 PDF
    UDC 621.311.21
    SCOPUS CODE 2105
    Khatia Chokheli, Grigol Khelidze. Selection of Upper Level Reservoir Operating Modes, Taking Into Account the Efficient Operation of Lower Stream Hydropower Plants, on the Example of Rioni HPPs
    96-104 PDF

    UDC 624.21
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Ioseb Utmelidze. On the Determination of Reaction Spectrum for Simple Span Composite Steel and Concrete Beam Superstructure with a Length L = 42.6 m.
    105-118 PDF
    UDC 626
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Giorgi Noselidze. Preliminary Results of Experimental Research of Broad Threshold Spillway Join to Chute
    119-126 PDF
    UDC 621.372.8
    SCOPUS CODE 2201
    Viсtor Nanobashvili, Vakhtang Abuladze. About the Possibility of Increasing the Probability of Correcting Errors in the Manchester Code
    127-132 PDF
    UDC 625.21
    SCOPUS CODE 2205
    Manana Moistsrapishvili, Nugzar Rurua, Angi Gurgenidze. Approaches to Solving the Problems of Operation of Low Load Tension Railway Lines (LLRL) and Concepts of Key Strategies
    133-139 PDF
    UDC 62.52
    SCOPUS CODE 2208
    Merab Tsetskhladze, Nata Dzagania. Optimization of the Control System for the Movement of Electrodes in Electric Furnaces
    140-145 PDF

    UDC 005.7
    SCOPUS CODE 2744
    Ketevan Burduladze, Ketevan Kutateladze, Manana Maghradze. Prospects for the Development of Outsourcing in the Medical Field
    146-153 PDF
    Social Sciences

    UDC 355/359
    SCOPUS CODE 3312
    Archil Dadiani. Traditional and Modern Mechanisms of Defence and Deterrence – Georgia’s Reality and Prospects
    154-166 PDF
    UDC 321
    SCOPUS CODE 3320
    Henri Kuprashvili. Cyberspace and Terms: “kiberushishroeba” (Cyber Security) and “kiberusaprtkhoeba” (Computer Security)
    167-177 PDF
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