N3 (525), 2022 - [PDF]

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    Agricultural and Biological Sciences

    UDC 631.538
    SCOPUS CODE 1102
    Maia Kikvadze. Eco-geographical Environment of Wildly Growing Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) in Georgia
    9-20 PDF
    Arts and Humanities

    UDC 72
    SCOPUS CODE 1201
    Nana Chrelashvili. A Frame as the Language of Communication in Covid Reality
    21-30 PDF
    UDC 001.4
    SCOPUS CODE 1203
    Liana Sutidze. Discrepancy between concepts and definitions
    31-37 PDF
    UDC 72
    SCOPUS CODE 1213
    Nikoloz Shavishvili, Tamar Chubinidze. American Private Villas in the Last Decade: The Long awaited Alternative?
    38-54 PDF
    Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

    UDC 584.19
    SCOPUS CODE 1303
    Tamaz Isakadze, Vitali Ghvachliani, Givi Gugulashvili. Results of Biochemical Investigation of Dried Roots of Caucasian Rhododendron
    55-61 PDF
    Business, Management and Accounting

    UDC 337
    SCOPUS CODE 1404
    Nino Ramazashvili. Steps and Characteristics for Development of Customs Policy
    62-67 PDF
    Computer Science

    UDC 001.85
    SCOPUS CODE 1706
    Teimuraz Chubinishvili, Nelly Makhviladze, Tina Gelashvili. Improvement of Traditional Methods of Evaluation of the Scientific Activities Using Innovative Approaches
    68-75 PDF
    Earth and Planetary Sciences

    UDC 550.8
    SCOPUS CODE 1907
    Zurab Varazashvili, Zurab Kakulia, Dali Chutkerashvili. Results of Engineering geological Research of Loess Rocks on the Territory of Georgia in Order to Evaluate Their Settling Properties
    76-83 PDF
    UDC 551.49
    SCOPUS CODE 1909
    Marine Mardashova, Tamar Razmadze-Brokishvili, Tamar Mikava. The Influence of Current Climate Change on Hydrogeological and Engineering-geological Processes on the Example of Dedoplistskaro Municipality
    84-104 PDF

    UDC 620.9
    SCOPUS CODE 2101
    Maka Jishkariani, Maia Pitskhelauri. Multi-Factor Assessment of the Motivation, Complexity and Benefits of Implementing an Energy Management System
    105-116 PDF

    UDC 625.7
    SCOPUS CODE 2203
    Rezo Tedoradze, Giorgi Sisvadze, Davit Fridonashvili. Characteristics of Traffic Flows and Features of Their Formation on the Roads of Georgia
    117-123 PDF
    UDC 621.002.3–419.8–20–03.82
    SCOPUS CODE 2205
    Tamaz Khmelidze, Shalva Khutsishvili, Qetevan Jerenashvili. Strength Calculation of Ferroconcrete Column Reinforced by Carbon Composite Tape
    124-132 PDF
    UDC 622. 062
    SCOPUS CODE 2209
    Zurab Lebanidze, Gela Machaidze, Davit Gogrichiani. Impact of the Construction Process of Shallow Tunnels on Land Surface Deformations and Displacements
    133-140 PDF
    UDC 622.648 : 532.595
    SCOPUS CODE 2210
    Leon Makharadze. Schemes of Multi-stage Pressure Main Hydraulic Transport Systems
    141-149 PDF
    Environmental Science

    UDC 556.114.6 : 627.8
    SCOPUS CODE 2302
    Alexsandre Surmava, Irakli Rostomashvili, Jimsher Kerkadze. Numerical Simulation of Changes in Iron Content in the Bottom Sediments of the Orkhevi River on the Basis of Field Measurements and Experimental Data
    150-156 PDF

    UDC 008
    SCOPUS CODE 2604
    Levan Jikidze, Varden Tsutskiridze, Eka Elerdashvili. Stationary Task of the Boundary Layer Generated by the Rotation of a Porous Circular Plate in an Electrically Conductive Fluid With Respect to a Weak Magnetic Field and Heat Transfer at Variable Suction Velocity
    157-165 PDF
    Social Sciences

    UDC 004.8
    SCOPUS CODE 3301
    Rezo Tedoradze, Megi Kavtaradze, Lela Mirtskhulava. Emotional Intelligence in Humanoid Robots: Social and Technical Applications
    166-178 PDF
    UDC 342
    SCOPUS CODE 3301
    Lia Metreveli, Ia Alania. The Value Aspect of Social Justice
    179-185 PDF
    Akaki Shekeladze. Cyber Espionage aims, Tactics and Threat Management Opportunities in the Georgian Public Administration
    186-198 PDF
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