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    Immediately after the opening of the Polytechnic Faculty at Tbilisi State University, the issue of providing students with Georgian textbooks was raised.

    First of all, it was necessary to develop the Georgian technical terminology, even in a small volume, which was done in a short time as a result of Giorgi Nikoladze's constant care.

    The first attempt to publish a textbook in Georgian belongs to Prof. G. Gedevanishvili, whose lecture course “Mechanical Technology of Metals” was printed in 1925.

    From the very beginning, the students' community participated in the creation of educational literature in the Georgian language, multiplying lecture notes by the means of glass scanner.

    In 1926, the scientific-technical circle of students published G. Nikoladze's “Linear Geometry”, which greatly contributed to raising the scientific level of teaching this subject.

    The first textbooks in fundamental and special technical disciplines (in the 20s and 30s) were created by N. Muskhelishvili, A. Benashvili, A. Gulisashvili, A. Chrelashvili, G. Tsulukidze, L. Diasamidze, M. Machavariani, G. Kurdiani, V. Gurgenidze, Sh. Nodia, T. Karumidze, V. Kakabadze, D. Mshvenieradze, A. Bakradze, V. Gotoshia, S. Dzidzadze.

    To the present day, more than 700 textbooks have been printed in the Georgian language. A publishing house of the Polytechnic Institute was established in 1959 but, by the order of the Soviet Union Government, it was closed in 1962, leaving the Polytechnic Institute with only an editorial team of three employees. As a result of the rectorate's efforts, in the late 60s the staff grew and an editorial-publishing group was formed (Chief Editor D. Mirimanova; Senior Editors: E. Giorgadze, T. Makharadze; Editors: M. Preobrazhenskaya, M. Dzidziguri, Z. Khosroshvili; Technical Editors: N. Tsirekidze, O. Chankvetadze; Proofreader: N. Dolidze). The editorial group had the right to publish only small-volume auxiliary textbooks in special disciplines, lecture notes, methodical instructions, as well as collections of scientific works.

    In addition, a sector of publication of educational and scientific literature was created at the Department of Scientific and Research Works, which managed both the internal publishing activities of the Polytechnic Institute and the printing of textbooks and monographs by our authors in other publishing houses (Head of the Department: E. Tsiskarishvili). The sector organized a public discussion of the published manuals in a wide circle of specialists (one year after the publication). It should be noted that the first collection of scientific works of the Polytechnic Faculty was published in 1924, its editor was Niko Muskhelishvili. To date, a total of 528 Collections of Scientific Works has been published.

    The assignment of an international index – ISSN 1512-0996 – to the Polytechnic Institute’s Collections of Scientific Works is a clear recognition of the high level.

    In 1975, the Soviet Union's minister of higher education, Elutin, issued a furious edict forbidding the allied republics to publish textbooks in their native languages, ostensibly to eliminate duplication. By the same order, republican higher education institutions (which did not have their own publishing houses approved by the government) were strictly prohibited from systematically publishing collections of scientific works. They were allowed to print only inter-institutional thematic scientific works (without numbering).

    The leadership of the Polytechnic Institute did not obey the insulting order of the Soviet Union Minister and continued intensive publishing activities (right after that the Collection of Scientific Works was given an international index).

    In 1992, in already independent Georgia, it became possible to establish the Publishing House “Technical University”.

    Publishing House "Technical University" publishes textbooks, auxiliary textbooks, lecture notes, teaching-methodical instructions, collections of scientific works, monographs, etc.

    Since 2020, the director of the Publishing House "Technical University" is Marine Medzmariashvili.

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