Collection of Academic Works of Georgian Technical University is a multidisciplinary quarterly refereed periodical included in Index Copernicus International.
    • An article (accepted in Georgian or English) is published in the original language;
    • Authors should submit original copies of one or more articles for publication to the publishing house or send scan versions to along with supporting documentation, but only two articles from the same author(s) will be published in one edition;
    To submit scan versions via email please follow the instructions:
    − In the Subject line indicate the collection of works and the name(s) of author(s).
    − Attach the file(s) properly;
    − Use ZIP or RAR file compressors in case of large files to attach.
    • The article should be literal, well-structured and apply proper terminology to convey the author’s constructive arguments relevant to the subject. The authors and reviewers are responsible for the content and quality of an article;
    • The collection of works of GTU is a non-commercial publication and running the articles of our researchers and for PhD students is free of charge;
    • According to the Resolution No.200 of GTU Academic Council (22.01.2010), authors who are not the employees at the University, should make the preliminary payment by cash or transfer to have their paper published (10 GEL per page). Copy of the payment receipt should be enclosed with the supporting documentation (two reviews and a reference by the organization’s academic board on publishing the article in GTU collection of scientific papers). “Cost of article publication” shall appear as subject in the “purpose of payment” field.
    GTU bank details: LEPL Georgian Technical University; organization’s identification number 211349192;
    beneficiary bank: State Treasury; beneficiary: joint treasury account; bank code: TRESGE22; Account number:
    treasury code 708977259.

    How to form an academic article:
    • The text should be presented in print-out form (A4), no less than 5 pages (margins - 2 cm, line spacing - 1,5);
    • Only MS Word versions of texts are accepted (doc or docx) presented electronically on any magnetic carrier;
    • For Georgian texts: font - Sylfaen, font size - 12 pt;
    • For English text: font - Sylfaen, font size - 12 pt.

    The accompanying information to the article should include:

    • Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)
    • Information about the author(s) and reviewers in Georgian and English:
    − Full name, academic title, email and phone number of each author;
    − Department, full name of organization – place of employment of each author, area/town, country;
    − Full name, email, academic title, department or place of employment of each reviewer.
    The article should include:
    • An abstract in Georgian and English(100-150 words long). For foreign readers an abstract is the only source of information about the content of an article and results of the research conveyed by it. An abstract therefore defines the reader’s interest towards the article and possibility of further outreach to the author for the full text, etc.

    An abstract should be:
    − Informative (free of generalized terms and statements);
    − Original (with quality translations in English with the proper application of terminology);
    − Specific (conveying the core content of an article);
    − Properly structured (consistent with the research results given in the article).

    An abstract should contain:
    − The subject, topic and objective of an article (indicated in case if these are not clear from the title);
    − Method or methodology of research performed (expected to be described when and if this method or methodology are new and interesting with reference to the article);
    − Research results;
    − Area of application of research results;
    − Conclusion.
    • Key words sorted by alphabet (Georgian and English);
    • Sections should be outlined Introduction, Main Part and Conclusion;
    • Digital version of drawings or images in any graphic format, resolution 150 dpi;
    • Reference
    − By the recommendations of Databases of International Scientific Journals the number of references should be no less than ten.
    How to form the reference section in the article:
    Name and surname of each author should be given in Latin letter initials, title of the articles – translated in English, name of the source (journal, collection of works, conference materials) – with transliteration (original language of the article should be indicated in brackets).

    References (sample)
    1. Ellison, S.L.R., Williams, A. (2018). Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurements. p. 159. (In Russian);
    2. Alamo-Sanza, M., Nevares, I. (2018). Oak wine barrel as an active vessel: A critical review of past and
    current knowledge. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. 58(16), pp. 2711-2726.;
    3. Kvinikadze, L., Shakulashvili, N., Blay, C. (2005). Determination of resveratrol and some other polyphenols
    in wine by high performance liquid chromatography. Georgian Engineering News, 4, pp.210-213.
    4. Annual Audit Reports of the State Electric System of Georgia. (2011-2020). Retrieved from: (In Georgian).

    Requirements for the submission of articles by the employees and for PhD students of Georgian Technical University:
    • Two reviews (see the sample at) nimushi.docx
    • Minutes of the sectoral committee of the faculty publishing (see the sample at) forma.docx
    Documents should be verified with the faculty stamp.

    Notice to Authors
    Authors may consider one of the previous editions of GTU Collection of Academic Works as an example.

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